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i think youre one of the only attractive asian people ive ever seen. except for bruce lee. are you 100% asian?

Posted by Maccabee on Jan 16, 12 4:51 pm

Who is betty fang?

Posted by Maccabee on Apr 17, 09 1:33 pm

Haha, I photo shopped my face on. I guess you can't really tell.

Posted by Maccabee on Apr 4, 09 1:48 pm

lmao i knew you were gay. wtf is with this pic as a default ROFL

Posted by Tung on Apr 4, 09 1:24 pm

ur mum rates

Posted by Maccabee on Mar 12, 09 1:02 pm

too bad there wasn't a train nearby, or else someone would probably pushed you into it. :)

Posted by Tung on Mar 11, 09 11:52 pm

Nope. But your gender says female.

Posted by Maccabee on Jan 10, 09 7:30 pm

you stalking my cb profile now kid?

Posted by Tung on Jan 10, 09 7:24 pm

Your profile says your a girl.
Did you do that on purpose?

Posted by Maccabee on Jan 10, 09 5:56 pm

Yes I do feel special. And yes I agree.
I guess I was just stating a fact.

Posted by Maccabee on Jan 9, 09 4:24 pm

I never said I didn't like your hair. I also never said I liked it either, cuz that's homo for a dude to compliment a guy's hair. But your hairstyle = emo. So that's why I label you as emo.

This is cyber fighting? Lol. We're not even saying anything derogatory to each other. This is just a conversation between a man and a boy.

Also, I'm just replying back, so you can reply back to me, just so my comment counts grow haha. If you reply back now, you'll be my 1500th commenter. Don't you feel special. ;)

Posted by Tung on Jan 9, 09 4:19 pm

It is embarrassing. I just don't want that on my page.
Its fine if you dont like my hair. But your the first person who doesnt.

I LOVE cyber fighting.
Although this isnt really a fight. More like a peaceful conversation.
Throw me your best shot.

Just no cussing. You said it yourself. Im just a little kid:)

Posted by Maccabee on Jan 9, 09 4:14 pm

Haha why you deleting comments? Embarrassed or something? If you're not emo, what's up with the hair.

Posted by Tung on Jan 9, 09 4:09 pm

Yes I did just delete your comment.
And im not emo in any way.

Posted by Maccabee on Jan 9, 09 4:06 pm

hmmm...thanks foe that. But before you teach me how to become a man you'll have to grow a pair yourself.

Posted by Maccabee on Jan 9, 09 3:57 pm

I know. Maybe someday when you don't look like a little boy, I'll teach you how to be a man.

Posted by Tung on Jan 9, 09 3:55 pm

I have seen "dang you kinda cute." on almost every cute asian girls profile I have seen.
And they have all responded say thnx.
Nice:) haha

Posted by Maccabee on Jan 9, 09 3:36 pm

damn i still think you're a girl.

Posted by Tung on Dec 21, 08 4:36 pm

A BOY! How do I look l like a girl in any way.

Posted by Maccabee on Jun 4, 08 10:55 pm

so are you a boy or a girl? or just homo?

Posted by pessimist on Jun 4, 08 7:12 pm
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